Main features of SCANROC facades

  • high strength
  • frost resistance
  • low water absorption
  • UV resistance
  • biotic damage resistance
  • aggressive substances resistance
  • possibility of anti-graffiti protective coating
  • possibility of self-cleaning nano coating

SCANROC Classic facade stones

Basic facade stone range featuring wide variety of colours and dimensions, allowing different combinations. Concrete material guarantees long-time durability. Available in smooth and rough surface.

Dimensions - 300x100x30, 600x100x30, 600x200x30

Surface - smooth, rough, glazed, shine

SCANROC Deluxe facade stones

Concrete SCANROC Deluxe stone range featuring special technology allowing surface colour transitions in stripes. This distinctive appearance is an important attribute predetermining SCANROC Deluxe stones for use on exposed buildings.

Dimensions - 300x100x30, 600x100x30, 600x200x30

SCANROC Kingklinker facade stones

SCANROC KINGKLINKER and KINGKLINKER DELUXE - based on firing high-quality clinker clay at a temperature of 1200 degrees. This creates an unique, very durable material with high frost resistance and low water absorption. The SCANROC KINGKLINKER and KINGKLINKER DELUXE facade was designed for admirers of classical architecture - brick walls. The facade of ceramic stone is a symbol of comfort and well-being. Natural, environmentally friendly materials, today are the most popular in construction. Traditionally, ceramic stone is used on not high buildings, but recently it is often used on high-rise buildings.

Dimensions - 215x65x30 (English Imperial format), 240x71x30 (European NF format)

SCANROC Kingklinker deluxe facade stones

Dimensions - 215x65x30 (English Imperial format), 240x71x30 (European NF format)

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