For professionals

SCANROC, SE – partner of professionals

SCANROC, SE, manufacturer and distributor of SCANROC facade system, is partner of architects, designers, project engineers, dealers and construction companies. Extensive possibilities of product individualisation as well as high quality and technical level are the cornerstones of a successful co-operation with civil engineering experts in many European countries.

For architects, project engineers and designers

Comprehensive material specimen collections, quality surfaces and also interesting and refined technical designs shape our relations with architects and project engineers. We highly appreciate their creativity, imagination and desire of quality materials. We believe that ventilated facades are our contribution to higher quality and benefit of the architecture.

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For construction companies

The construction companies are our most essential partners. We have devoted a lot of effort to make SCANROC facade system a product that is simple and can be easily used, a product that does not require doing more work, but, on the contrary, it saves working. At the same time, it is intended for dry installation, which allows this technology being used even in low temperatures and bad weather conditions.

For building material distributors

Individual building owners as well as building companies require quality infrastructure and wide availability of products. These requirements are guaranteed by an extensive network of construction material points of sale. We are open for new contracts and we also have developed a comprehensive sales support system, thus providing marketing assistance to the distributors. We are establishing individualised contacts with the dealers to support them and to establish a strong co-operation partnership for selling facade system together with them.

Our implementation

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