SCANROC is breathable facade system based on superior high technology. Sophisticated materials as well as innovative physical solution provide excellent thermal insulation properties. Permanent-ventilation interior structure guarantees ideal home comfort and integrated humidity removal.

Why SCANROC facade system?

  • Vysoce účinné zateplení


    Using high-quality materials combined with an innovative design system guarantees maximum efficiency. (It stays warm in winter, cool in the summer and always ventilated).

    Highly efficient thermal insulation

  • Komfortní a zdravé bydlení


    Thanks to the ventilation system, mould and moisture formation isn’t possible, which have a detrimental effect on the human organism. The facade breathes.

    Comfortable and healthy living

  • Ideální pro výškové budovy


    The system is certified for use up to 100 metres high.

    Ideal for height structures

  • Luxusní vzhled domu


    This system makes it possible to create a different design from other facades and has the possibility of both colourful and structural variability.

    Luxurious appearance of your house

  • Montáž za každého počasí


    Facade system installation without the use of "wet processes" (application of adhesive, plaster, etc.) can be carried out practically regardless of the season or weather influence.

    Installation in any weather

  • Garance funkce 50 let


    Thanks to the materials used, the technological processes of production and the sophisticated and robust construction of the entire system, its long service life is guaranteed without loss of function.

    50-years function guarantee

SCANROC is a sophisticated thermal insulation and facade ventilation system, consisting of three basic components: steel grid fixed onto the building wall, thermal insulation material and facade stone, resembling brick wall.

The air gap between the insulation and the facade stone constitutes ventilated space, which is the key element of the entire system. This air gap provides for temperature equalisation and active humidity removal.

SCANROC facade system has been produced in European plants for 20 years using advanced Swedish technologies and top-quality technologies.

  1. 1

    Bracket with thermal-insulation layer

  2. 2

    Horizontal installation profiles

  3. 3

    Thermal insulation

  4. 4

    Vertical installation profiles

  5. 5

    Ventilated air gap

  6. 6

    Facade stone

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