SCANROC is a ventilated facade system for thermal insulation consisting of supporting steel construction and imitation brick cladding. It is a comprehensive system for facade and external wall thermal insulation.

SCANROC is manufactured using modern Swedish technology and high quality raw materials in Ukraine and Spain.

In SCANROC system, thermal insulation is inserted between the supporting steel elements. Facade cladding SCANROC is then installed on the supporting steel construction. Between the cladding and insulation is a ventilated channel.

Ventilated facades SCANROC have excellent thermal insulation properties saving money in the winter on heating and in the summer on air conditioning.

It is an external insulation system, which protects the building as a whole by reducing stress on building envelope due to temperature changes and weather conditions.

  • 1 - external wall
  • 2 - wall bracket
  • 3 - thermal insulating liner
  • 4 - horizontal profile
  • 5 - thermal insulation
  • 6 - insulation anchor
  • 7 - vertical profile
  • 8 - ventilated channel
  • 9 - facade cladding

Facade tiles SCANROC

Facade tiles

  • width 600 mm

Facade tiles

  • width 300 mm

SCANROC CLASSIC and SCANROC COTTAGE cladding with its shape and color resembles classic bricks. They differ in the cladding tiles width and height.

The base material for SCANROC facade cladding is granite chippings, which ensures its strength and durability. Special additives in the material composition give protection from UV exposure and improve durability, so that, over time, the cladding doesn’t lose its properties and color saturation.

Cladding tiles have 10 mm vertical joint gap and no joint gap horizontally.

Standard color ranges

Additional color ranges

Facade tiles

  • width 300 mm

SCANROC DELUXE cladding resembles clinker bricks. Produced tiles have width 300 mm. Surface of the tiles is produced in smooth or rough variation.

Facade tiles SCANROC DELUXE can be manufactured on demand in other colors than specified in the standard sampler.

  • Cote d'Azur
  • Sicily
  • Coral Lagoon
  • Oxford
  • Bruggy
  • Hamburg
  • Bristol
  • Malta

Facade tiles

  • 100 x 300 mm
  • 300 x 600 mm
  • atypical dimensions
    height 100 / 200 / 300 mm
    width up to 800 mm

All sizes of SCANROC KLINKERSTONE use the same system of supporting steel construction. On the facade it is possible to combine tiles of different sizes.

Ceramic tiles have a thickness of 29.5 mm. They are rectangular and cut to precise dimensions.

Wide grooves on tiles provide necessary strength and can withstand extreme loads.

Production of KLINKERSTONE facade tiles was launched in cooperation with one of the leading European factories for cladding products in Spain. Dried clay is ground to a consistency of flour, processed and colored. After shaping and applying the glaze, it is fired to temperature 1250°C.

The production process ensures high final material density and surface smoothness. The resulting product is of the highest quality. It is frost resistant and extremely durable.

KLINKERSTONE facade cladding was design for lovers of classic clinker brick design. Clinker brick facade is a symbol of comfort and affluence. Environmental friendliness of building materials is today one of the most important aspects in construction.

It has been traditionally used on facades of low-rise buildings when imitating bricks. In recent period it is being increasingly used also for multi-storey buildings.

Use of ventilated facade systems of SCANROC type for thermal insulation of multi-storey buildings is becoming for their advantages increasingly popular worldwide.

Use of classic clinker brick is more reliable, but also significantly more expensive than use of SCANROC Klinkerstone facade cladding. Moreover, you can’t often use classic clinker bricks due to problematic construction characteristics of the building.

Facade tiles SCANROC KLINKERSTONE are in comparison with traditional clinker brick more universal.

Standard color ranges of SCANROC KLINKERSTONE


Traditional ceramic material is suitable for a variety of architectural styles. It can be used for renovations of historic buildings as well as in modern architecture. By process of natural aging of the material of the tiles decades later gradually begins to appear noble patina.

Ceramic facade cladding KLINKERSTONE is available in 20 standard colors. It is possible to produce tiles with colors to suit individual customer requirements.

Surface finish variants

Facade tiles KLINKERSTONE can be ordered in addition to the standard surface finish also in smooth version with polished finish or polished version with a slightly textured surface.

Example of one of the basic colors without the use of the glaze. This color and embodiment are related to the original chemical composition of the clay, temperature and duration of firing in a tunnel kiln.

The glaze formed by quartz sand with an admixture of natural pigments is applied to the untreated clay semi-finished product and during firing penetrates into the structure of clinker, creating uniform resistant layer.

Ideal for use in conditions of extreme external influences.

Clinker facades stand out and attract attention with their attractive glossiness.

Use of SCANROC Klinkerstone is particularly suitable in conditions of extreme external influences.

Typical example are urban facades exposed to emission gases from car traffic and industrial production, which deposit on them in the form of salts, acids, soot and dirt.

SCANROC KLINKERSTONE is also supplied in a variant with a self-cleaning coating nanolayer based on titanium dioxide. This layer influenced by UV radiation from sunlight decomposes the harmful substances on the facade. Result of the reaction is a deposit completely harmless to humans which is washed away from the facade by rain.

Facade cladding SCANROC can be also delivered with anti-graffiti treatment.

SCANROC KLINKERSTONE is 100% natural and ecological facade cladding with unique physical properties.

  • high strength
  • frost resistance
  • low water absorption
  • UV resistance
  • resistance to biotic infestation
  • resistance to aggressive chemicals
  • optional anti-graffiti treatment
  • optional self-cleaning treatment

Thermal insulation system SCANROC

The system of supporting steel construction

Elements of the supporting steel construction SCANROC are made from galvanized steel and are supplied uncoated or powder coated.

The supporting construction SCANROC is designed to allow quick and easy installation.

All joints of cladding are hidden to not interfere with the aesthetics of the facade.

Easy installation

Installation of the facade system SCANROC is manually simple. It is free of wet processes and can be performed anytime during the year even in less favorable weather or winter.

SCANROC facade system does not require pre-assembly preparation of external walls.

Facade tiles SCANROC are easily cut, allowing to simply customize tile sizes to required sizes.

In case of damage to individual parts of SCANROC cladding, an expert can make their replacement with new ones within a few minutes.

The system is intended for use on buildings up to the height of 100 m.

Ventilated facade

The temperature difference between the warmer air inside the channel and cooler outside the channel creates an air flow upwards. This flow reduces the influence of temperature on the building wall and also wicks away moisture from the insulation and walls. Wicking moisture from the insulation maximizes the use of its thermal insulating properties and thus helps maintain the optimum temperature in the building.

SCANROC facades don’t mind normal humidity that passes through vapor diffusion-open walls. This moisture doesn’t remain inside the wall, but under the influence of the temperature difference and the pressure of water vapor gets into the vented air gap, from where it is ventilated by air flow.

SCANROC system eliminates the negative influence of thermal bridges on building envelopes.

Ventilated facade insulation system SCANROC with thermal insulation of width 100 mm reduces the influence of external noise by about 25%.


  • Customization of elements of the supporting steel construction to any thickness of insulation.
  • Possibility of performing installation even under less favorable weather and in winter.
  • Increased added value due to attractive appearance of the building.
  • Reducing the risk of customer complaints for the facade.
  • 100 years life span of the facade even in areas with difficult external climate influences.
  • Extreme fire resistance of the whole system.
  • Elimination of the effects of thermal expansion of buildings (especially for prefabricated buildings).


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